Colin Groves

Nickname : Coal – my mother always called me Col or Cole, and over the years it just became Coal ! spelling was never a strong point in our family!

HomeTown : Truro – but I have very close affinities with Sheffield — but I never supported the Eagles….and Wednesday is just a daft name for a football team.

Other RL Involvement : NZ RL; the Kiwis. Mentoring the world’s very best woman player & massive ambassador for our sport : Honey Hireme.

Basically all round League-ie history anorak!! “In the beginning…… 29th August 1895, the George Hotel, in Huddersfield, Yorkshire…….”

Biggest Achievement : Surviving the Super League Grand Final 2019 at Old Trafford, without the need of a liver transplant ! — playing Union for England schoolboys and colts — captaining Cornwall U-23s.

Best RL Memory : Watching Tonga beat the GB-Lions at our Waikato-NZ Stadium. The Tongan try on the half time hooter was the best try I have ever seen by a country mile. The Tonga fans…………well its was like being in a cathedral with the best choral society in the world… was spine chilling… the passion & support can’t be described. When the team’s nickname ( isn’t that where we started ? ) is Mate Ma’a Tonga which means “Die for Tonga” : it says everything !!